Оценочные средства для входного контроля

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Оценочные средства для входного контроля.

Test work

Задание 1. Choose: a), b) or c)?

1) How many people …you in this group of tourists?

a) are; b) were; c)was; d) is;

2) What… the most popular company’s names?

a) is; b) am; c) are; d) was;

3) My brother works… travel industry.

a) in; b) to; c) at; d)-

4) May I ask you… questions?

a) much; b) a few; c) a little; d) any

5) He speaks English…

a) good; b) bad; c) well; d)badly

6) I have recently been to… small Brazilian town.

a) a; b) an; c) the; d) - ;

7) … New-York is famous for its sky-scrapers.

a) a; b) -; c) the; d) an;

8) She can … five languages.

a) speak; b) speaks; c) is speaking d) spoke;

9) How … you spend your spare time?

a)does; b) can c)are; d) do;

10) They usually go to Europe in summer.,… ?

a) don’t they; b) haven’t they; c) aren’t they; d) weren’t they

  1. Translate the following words into Russian:

- staff - hospitality

- accountant - to enjoy

- responsible - team

- to offer - customers

- accommodation - departure

3) Make up questions using the words:

1) total price

2) type of accommodation

3) working hours

4) travelling

5) popular destinations

4) Open the brackets:

1) What (to be) her responsibilities?

2) Where’s Mark? He (stay) in Prague. It’s a business trip

3) How much money (to cost) on the ticket to Manchester?

4) Tourism (to become) a fast-growing industry.

5) What you (do)?- I (to make) a Power Point presentation in English.

5) Translate into English:

1) Я - студентка первого курса Южного федерального университета.

2) Мне нравиться учиться здесь, мне нравится моя специальность.

3) Я летом обычно путешествую с друзьями в разные места.

4) Мы предпочитаем путешествовать автобусом, это недорого довольно комфортно.

5) Очень много мест, куда бы я хотел поехать.

6) Иногда я работаю официантом в кафе.

7) Клиенты - разные, моя обязанность обслужить их.

8) Иногда к нам в кафе заходят иностранные туристы.

Задание 2. Read the text and answer the questions:

Ibiza (or Eivissa in Catalan) is one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza belongs to Balearic Islands and, with Formentera, it is one of the two Pine Islands. Ibiza is also known as the 'white island' due to the predominance of its white houses. Ibiza is invaded every summer by a multinational force of sun seekers. It has fine beaches, relentless sunshine, good food and wild nightlife. But on the other hand, if you leave the beaches behind you to explore the island's interior, you will find a pure and simple Mediterranean culture as well as remains of populations which inhabited Ibiza thousands of years ago (wall-paintings of Ses Fontelles ). Ibiza Town is the capital of the island. In many aspects it’s the center of the island, its focal point. It’s here that you’ll find most clubs, bars Cafes and restaurants. There are over 40 large clubs on the islands well as a large number of bars.

Ibiza became a major center of tourist attraction during the 1960s, being then famous for its "Hippie-Culture" and nudist beaches. Today Ibiza is a cosmopolitan island and its atmosphere, the climate, the entertainment on offer and its attractive natural environment attract a high number of tourists all year round. Ibiza has an ample offer as well for families and older visitors, anyhow, still there are the young ones who are attracted by the island's rollicking nightlife. The official language in Ibiza is Catalan, but Spanish is spoken everywhere and due to the importance of tourism to the island's economy many locals speak other languages too.

The coast is spectacular with pretty coves and dramatic cliffs. The excellent sandy beaches are well equipped for tourists. The main touristic beaches are Portinatx, Port de Sant Miquel and Sant Vicenз. There is only one river on the whole island called Santa Eularia. The climate of Ibiza is Mediterranean and has milder winters and slightly cooler summers than Mallorca . The hot summer season lasts from June to September (30°C or 85°F), lots of sunshine and very little rain. Frost and snow are very rare.

Учебно-методическое и информационное обеспечение дисциплины.

Основная литература

1. Гуревич В.В. Практическая грамматика английского языка: упражнения и комментарии. М.: Флинта. Наука, 2008. – 296с.

2. Жулидов С.Б. The restaurant business. М.: ЮНИТИ_ДАНА. 2006. -239с.

3. Кравченко Н.В. Бизнес-лексика, англо-русский и русско-английский словарь. М.:Эксмо, 2008. -672 с.

4. Михайлов Н.Н. Английский язык: Гостиничный, ресторанный и туристический бизнес.- М.: Издательский центр «Академия», 2008. - 160с.

Дополнительная литература

1.Мальцева Н.А., Жималенкова Т.М. Универсальный справочник по грамматике английского языка. М.: Издательство ГЛОССА, 2009.-105с.

2. Прибыток И. И. Теоретическая грамматика английского языка = Theory of English Grammar : учебное пособие для вузов / И. И. Прибыток. – М. : Академия, 2008. – 384 с.

3. Сербиновская А.М. Английский для турбизнеса и сервиса. Москва, Издательство Дашков и Ко, 2009.

Базы данных, информационно-справочные и поисковые системы




Перечень вопросов для обсуждения тем на зачете

Hotel staff

  1. What hotel departments do you know?

  2. What departments does the Front of the House include?

  3. What departments are there in the Back of the House?

  4. What does the Personnel Department deal with?

  5. What is Food and Beverage Department in charge of?

  6. What are the duties of the concierge? (maid, bellboy, doorman )

  7. Tell about the Front Office


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