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HTML course outline:

These were originally set up as 4, four hour-long sessions, (here I have combined them into 2 days). Students get a floppy packed with more additional references, examples and help notes.

We use Notepad found in Windows to construct the pages. Plus learn how to move around with multiple windows open (ie: Alt-Tab, Cntl-C). Front Page2000 is demonstrated but not used.

Students will make a fully functional five-page web site from scratch as a project.


Day 1. Introduction To HTML

· Overview of Web Development – from a marketing perspective.

· Fundamentals of Site Design – creating a flow chart

· Introduction to HTML Tags & HTML Syntax

· Browser Comparisons (Netscape, IE, Opera)

· Formatting an HTML Document and Text Formatting

· Applying Text Attributes

· Creating Lists – Numerical, Alpha, and square boxes

· Creating Hyperlinks – three types, absolute, relative and bookmark.

· Embedding Graphics and Alternate commands

· Comparing HTML Development Tools (Front Page, Adobe Pagemill, Allaire Homesite,

Hot Dog, Hot Metal, Dreamweaver)

· Creating Simple Tables – borders, shading.

· Creating Complex Tables – colours, images, hyperlinks

· Using Tables as a Layout Tool – framework for a page

· Creating Forms – Guestbook, Customer Response Forms

· Capturing Information from Forms

· About CGI Scripts – how they works.

· Transferring Files via FTP, Cute-FTP, WS-FTP

· Understanding Site Activity Reports

· The Developers Toolkit – links to help sources on the net

Day 2. HTML Advanced

· Building Frames – pro’s and con’s

· Building Invisible Frames (MSIE only)

· More about Graphics and Their Attributes

· Tips on Designing Graphics for Fast Load Times

· Creating and Embedding Animated Graphics – Using GIF Animator

· Creating Image Maps – Using CuteMap or CoffeecupMap

· What is Shockwave and Flash. Where to use and not use them.

· Online Resources for Graphics and Animated Graphics

· Search Engines and their Functionality

· Meta Tags and their Function

· Building Sites for Better Search Results

· Overview of the past day, create 5 a simple page web

· Cascading Style Sheets – different examples and usages

· Incorporating JavaScript into your website (I give 60 code examples)

· Embedding Audio, & Video

· What is XML in a nutshell.

· What are Cookies and how do they work? How to clean them up.

· Advanced Online Resources i.e.. shopping carts; secure transaction capability;

third party credit card clearing etc.


Day Introduction To html iconРеферат по информационным технологиям на тему «Интернет, html и html-редакторы»
Все документы для сервиса www пишутся на html (HyperText Markup Language) языке разметки гипертекста. Последний от обычного текста...
Day Introduction To html iconChapter 4: html and html authoring Tools

Day Introduction To html iconHtml -ге кіріспе. Html тілінің атқаратын қызметі, командалары
Оқу құралын пайдалана отырып, сіздер Интернет үшін басылымдарды құру мүмкіндігін жүзеге асыратын негізгі командаларды меңгере отырып,...
Day Introduction To html iconРасписание занятий на вторник
Файлы html — это обычные текстовые файлы, имеющие расширение нтм. Будем использовать для создания и редактирования файлов html стандартную...
Day Introduction To html icon© 1996, 1997 Стефан Кох (Stefan Koch)
В свою очередь, язык JavaScript позволит Вам легко управлять объектами web-страницы, хотя для этого очень важно понимать иерархию...
Day Introduction To html iconI. Introduction

Day Introduction To html iconI. Introduction

Day Introduction To html iconIntroduction Relevance

Day Introduction To html iconA. D., the same day that had been devoted to

Day Introduction To html iconValentine’s Day

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