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Класс: 10

Тема: Books in our life

Проблема: Why do young people read too little nowadays?

Цель: продолжить работу по данной теме, с целью ответить на вопрос: “Why do young people read too little nowadays? ” Закрепить лексику по данной теме.

Задачи урока:

  1. повторение грамматических и лексических знаний в рамках изученной темы.

  2. совершенствование монологической и диалогической сторон речи;

  3. совершенствование умений аудирования;

  4. совершенствование умений запрашивать информацию с помощью вопросов;

  5. совершенствование навыков чтения с извлечением необходимой информации.


  1. развитие способностей к осмыслению темы, через проблемную ситуацию;

  2. развитие коммуникативных навыков.

  3. развитие навыков устной речи.


Развитие кругозора учащихся по данной проблеме, воспитание любви и уважительного отношения к книгам.


Мультемидийное оборудование, доска, раздаточный материал.

Ход урока.

Название этапа

Деятельность учителя


Деятельность ученика

1. Орг. момент с элементами речевой зарядки

Good morning boys and girls and our guests! I am glad to see you. Pupils, sit down please.

Please, pupils answer my questions.

1. Are you keen on literature?

2. What authors are among your favorites?

3. What book did you prefer when you were a child?

4. Where do you usually get books to read?

5. Have you got a good library at home?

Thank you for your answers. Today we’ll continue our conversation about books; we’ll revise different genres of books, consider positive and negative sides of books and try to answer the question “Why do young people read too little nowadays?”

And we will get acquainted with new information by means of listening, reading and discussion.

Let’s start our work. Now, we get acquainted with proverb, which connected with our theme.

Look at the slide.

  1. Books and friends should be few but good.

Could you give a Russian equivalent of the proverb? How can you explain this proverb? Do you agree with it?

All your answers are right. The proverb show us that good books can help us, give useful information. But in our technological century we forget its treasure. And during our lesson we try to answer the question: “Why do young people read too little nowadays?”

5 мин.

Good morning!

Ответы учеников.

Ответы учеников.

2. Словообразователь-ная зарядка.

Let’s start word formation training. Please, pupils, repeat after me:

wise – wisdom: universal wisdom

face – preface: instructions in the preface

grip – gripping: gripping plot

star – megastar: to meet a megastar

probable – improbable: improbable tale

mystery – mysteries: mysteries books

witch – witchcraft: the land of witchcraft

2 мин.

Повторяют за учителем

3. Совершенство-вание и контроль навыков аудирования.

And now, we’re listening. You will listen to the tape twice. After the first listening I’d like you choose an appropriate headline. After the second listening you should make a test.

You can find the tasks at the slides and in your cards. Please, take the card number one.


1. What the most appropriate headline for the text?

  1. The value of books

  2. The genres of books

  3. The development of books

Let’s check.

Key: c

Now you will listen again and make the following task. Take card number two.

2. Read the sentences to yourselves and say what statements are true or false.

  1. “Some books are to be tasted, other to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”, this quotation belongs to a famous English philosopher Francis Bacon.

  2. Hand-written manuscripts took months of writing and were collected and kept in museums with utmost care.

  3. Most books originated as written records of king’s and queen’s biographies.

  4. As science progressed books began to involve observations, conclusion and theoretical thinking.

Check yourself.

Key: a) true;

b) false;

c) false;

d) true;

7 мин.

Слушают текст

Выполняют задания

4. Проверка домашнего задания.

Your homework was to write essay. In your essays you had to express your own attitude to books and it influence on our life.

Please, (имя ученика), read your essay.

Thank you for your opinions. Our theme is “Books in our life” and the question “Why do young people read too little nowadays?” is the main question of our lesson.

In our modern century we very seldom read books, we get information with help of TV, radio and internet. Now, we more and more prefer to read internet books, because they more cheep then ordinary. We need to pay for the only cost on connecting to the Internet. But as for me I prefer to read ordinary books. To my mind they more attractive than internet books, they have beautiful illustration, besides book is a perfect present. In spite of our modern things, I should that books: ordinary and internet will be popular, because we get pleasure reading them.

7 мин.

Ответы учеников

5. Совершенство-вание и контроль знаний лексического материала.

The next tasks help us revise the words, which we learnt last lesson. The tasks you can find at the slides and in your cards.

Please, take card number three.


1. Pleasе, match the following types of book with there definitions.

      1. encyclopedia

      2. dictionary

      3. manual

      4. atlas

      5. autobiography

      6. reference book

      7. cookery book

      8. thriller

      9. romantic novel

      10. best seller

      11. book of fairy tales

1) A book which gives you information about how to do some­thing, especially how a machine works.

2) A book full of maps.

3) A book which is very popular and has sold a large number of copies.

4) An account of a person's life written by that person.

5) A book or a set of books in which facts are arranged for reference, usually in alphabetical order. If you want informa­tion about something, you ought to be able to find it in this book.

6) A book in which the words of a language are listed in alpha­betical order, with their meanings and pronunciations.

7) A book which gives a list of people's names, addresses, tele­phone numbers, etc. usually arranged in alphabetical order.

8) A book for children with stories about magical events and imaginary creatures such as fairies.

9) A novel which deals mainly with love and romance and which usually has a happy ending.

10) A book full of recipes and information on how to prepare and cook food.

11) A book which tells an exciting story about dangerous, fright­ening or mysterious events.

Let’s check.

Key: a) 5; b) 6; c) 1; d) 2; e) 4; f) 7; g) 10; h) 11; i) 9; j) 3; k) 8.

2. Take your following card.

Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

volume publication whodunit hardback best seller thriller copy edition manuscript proofs paperback

1. You can see the original ………….. of Hamlet in the museum in Shakespeare's own writing.

2. Before a book is sent to be printed, the author must check the…………. .

    1. Where is ………three of this set of encyclopedias?

    2. The new government report on agricultural statistics is a very interesting ……… .

    3. Have you got a ………of Graham Greene's Brighton Rock?

    4. This book costs £12, but that's the ………. price. The……… costs only £5.50.

7. His first three novels didn't sell very welt, but his fourth was a ……… . and made a fortune.

8. The book has already been selling well for five years. Now the publishers are going to bring out a new ………. with illus­trations.

9. She likes to relax by reading a……… about spies or crime.

10. I'm reading a ………. . It's fun trying to guess who the murderer is.

Key: 1) manuscript; 2) paperback;

3)volume; 4) publication; 5) copy;

6) edition, proofs; 7) best seller;

8) hardback; 9) thriller; 10) whodunit.

6 мин.

3 мин.

3 мин.

Выполняют задания на карточках самостоятельно, затем проверяем.

6. Совершенство-вание навыков монологической речи.

Now we will sum up our discussion. Let’s divide into three groups. The first group! You should prove us that ordinary books better than internet books. The second group! You should prove us that internet books better than ordinary books. And the third group! You should tell why TV more popular than books. I will choose one representative from group which will represent group. The mark will be one on an all group. In 4 minutes I check your task. And be ready to answer the questions your opponents.

10 мин.

Работают в группах.

7. Подведение итогов.

Today we tell about books, we remember different types of book, we tell about internet and TV, and why they more popular then ordinary books.

1 мин.

8. Домашнее задание.

Your homework will write the essay on theme “Why do young people read too little nowadays?” The size of the essay should be not less than 200-250 words.

Thank you for the lesson. You all worked hard and tried to do your best.

2 мин.

9. Резервное задание.

We have some time and I offer to make next task. Pleas, take card number five.

1. Work in pairs. Choose the best alternative to complete these sentences.

1. Oliver Twist is a classic work of English..................

Literature non-fiction letters editions

2. The plot of the novel was very exciting, but I didn't find the ................. very interesting.

Persons people characters figures

3. This book is a special edition to foreign readers, so there's a(n)............... at the back.

Appendix glossary introduction preface table of contents supplement

4. A novel is usually divided into several..................

Chapters units sections passages

5. If you need to find some information in a non-fiction book, look it up in the.................

Atlas blurb catalogue diary index review

6. Cambridge University Press is the.............of the book you're reading.

Author editor printer publisher

7. A great novel has a good plot and a strong..................

Communication meaning message significance

8. Ernest Hemingway is one of my ................American writers.

Best favourite ideal most popular

9. Even the ………… characters in the book are really interesting.

Less minor small tiny

10. I’d like to …………. that book when you’re read it.

Borrow hire lend loan

Выполняют задание.


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