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New Britain Public Library

Computer User Agreement

All users must have a current public library card in good standing.

All users must be 13 years or older, with the exception of scheduled computer classes specifically for children.

Usage Guidelines

Computer sessions are limited to 90 minutes per day in the Computer Center or 30 minutes per day in the Computer Center Express. This limit includes the time required for printing and saving files. Time may be extended if no other patrons are waiting to use the computers. Users can use a computer for a maximum of 120 minutes per day. A reservation is held for 10 minutes.

There are two 15 minute express computers in the Check Out Desk area. Printing from these computers is done using the Computer Center printer. Time extensions are not permitted on these computers.

Two people are allowed per terminal.

The Computer Center is not available to the public during scheduled computer classes.

The library cannot guarantee successful connections during Internet use.

Computer sessions will be terminated if locked or inactive for longer than 10 minutes.

Printing in the Computer Center costs 15¢ per black and white page, 25¢ per color page, and 15¢ per page for résumé paper. USERS MAY NOT BRING THEIR OWN PAPER.

It is recommended that users save their work to a flash drive or CD-R. Any files saved to the hard drive will be erased. CD-Rs are available for $1.50. Flash drives are available at the Check Out Desk for $10.00. Users are welcome to bring their own storage media. The library is not responsible for lost data.

Users may borrow headphones, Spanish keyboards, trackball mice and external floppy drives at the staff desk in the Computer Center.

Due to the high demand for computer use, the library does not allow computers to be used for viewing movies on DVD. If you attempt to view a movie/television show in the Computer Center, you will be asked to leave and your time will be given to another customer.

The library provides free access to the Internet. NBPL does not monitor or control the material content available on the Internet, as it does not limit shelf access to print materials. While some of the information is of high quality, inevitably some material may be less accurate, authoritative, appropriate, or timely or may be difficult to retrieve.

NBPL Internet access shall not be used to receive, send, or view material in which the content or meaning is likely to be deemed obscene, abusive, inappropriate, or offensive. Patrons' usage may be monitored at any time to determine whether library policies are being violated.


Users must be familiar with computers and how to use them. Books are available in the Computer Center for users to consult for basic instruction and help. Microsoft Office 2007 tutorials are available through Learning Express. Click on the link at Classes are offered periodically for beginning users. Individual instruction by staff is not available. In fairness to other users, patrons who behave in a disruptive or distracting behavior will be asked to leave the Computer Center.


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