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Computer Information Technology




Tech Prep

2008-2009 Catalog

Program Course #

Course Title

Sem Hrs.

Sem Taken


College (If not ACC)

COSC 1300

Introduction to Computing


ITNW 1325+

Fundamentals of Networking Technologies


ITSE 2309+

Database Programming: Oracle


COSC 1315

Fundamentals of Programming


ITSC 1307+

UNIX Operating System I


ITSE 1345+

Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL


COSC 1320+

C++ Programming


ITSE 1450+

System Analysis and Design


ITSE 2431+#

Advanced C++ Programming


+ Prerequisites: See Course Descriptions.

# Capstone course

Final approval of degree plan for graduation is provided by the Admissions Office. Application for graduation must be on file in the Admissions Office before the published deadline of the student’s final semester. The ACC Catalog contains important information about graduation.


COSC 1300 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTING (3-3-1). A survey course discussing computing terminology, components, programming concepts, and the computer's integration into business activities. Laboratory experience includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software and databases. Fee: $8 Skills: R

COSC 1315 FUNDAMENTALS OF PROGRAMMING (3-3-1). An introduction to computer concepts, logic, and computer programming. Includes designing, coding, debugging, testing, and documenting programs using a high-level programming language. Fee: $12 Skills: B

COSC 1320 C++ PROGRAMMING (3-2-2). This is an introduction to the C++ programming language and its subset, the C programming language. Program structure, blocks, storage types, console and file I/O, functions, arrays, strings, pointers, call-by-reference, call-by-value, and dynamic memory allocation will be discussed. The concept of classes will be introduced. The differences between C++ and C will also be discussed. Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: COSC 1315 or department approval.

ITNW 1325 FUNDAMENTALS OF NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES (3-3-1). Instruction in networking technologies and their implementation. Topics include the OSI reference model, network protocols, transmission media, and networking hardware and software. Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: COSC 1300 (or corequisite) or department approval.

ITSC 1307 UNIX OPERATING SYSTEM I (3-2-2). A study of the UNIX operating system including multi-user concepts, terminal emulation, use of system editor, basic UNIX commands, and writing script files. Topics include introductory systems management concepts. Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: One semester of programming.

ITSE 1345 INTRODUCTION TO ORACLE SQL AND PL/SQL (3-2-2). An introduction to the design and creation of relational databases. Topics include storing, retrieving, updating, and displaying data using Structured Query Language (SQL) and Procedure Language (PL). Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: ITSE 2309.

ITSE 1450 SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN (4-3-3). Comprehensive introduction to the planning, design, and construction of computer information systems using the systems development life cycle and other appropriate design tools. Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: Two semesters of programming or department approval.

ITSE 2309 DATABASE PROGRAMMING: ORACLE (3-2-2). Application development using database programming techniques emphasizing database structures, modeling, and database access. This course instructs the student in the essential concepts and design methodology for the Relational Database Model as implemented by Oracle. Other topics include: the Data definition Language, the Data Manipulation Language, database normalization, transaction processing, security, multi-user problems and solutions. Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: COSC 1315 (or corequisite) or departmental approval.

ITSE 2431 ADVANCED C++ PROGRAMMING (4-3-3). Further application of C++ programming techniques including subjects such as file access, abstract data structures, class inheritance, and other advanced techniques. The following C++ programming topics are covered: classes, objects, function and operator overloading, inheritance and dynamic polymorphism, templates, exception handling, reference counting, complex data structures, complex input/output standard and file handling techniques, program documentation and other advanced C++ techniques. Fee: $12 Skills: B Prerequisites: COSC 1320 or department approval.

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