Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Moscow State University

International Students Office

Mailing address: office 812A, Main Building, MSU, Leninskie Gory, 119992,

GSP-2,Moscow, Russia.

Tel: (7-095)-939-3510; Fax: (7-095) 939-5763

e-mail: admission@rector.msu.ru


Please, type or print clearly:

Last name____________________________________________________________________________________

First name_______________________________ Middle name_________________________________________

Date of birth:“___“_____________ 19___

Sex: male


Mailing address: _______________ zip code_________________________________________________country


______________________________________building #_____________________________________apartment #


Permanent address: _____________ zip code_________________________________________________country


______________________________________building #_____________________________________apartment #


Name and address of Company (for employees)/Name of current school/university (for students):


Position: ___________________________________________________________________________


Summary of academic background

Dates of attendance

University (High school)

Degree (Diploma) obtained

I intend to study towards degree:





I am going to pass the course: Visiting scholar Summer programme

My intended specialty (major): __________________________________________________________________
Russian Language Proficiency:

Advanced Upper Intermediate Intermediate Lower Intermediate Elementary Beginner

I am ready to pass Russian language test and all required specialty tests in Russian

Russian language programmes I intend to pursue (if any):

  1. Pre-University programme (Russian language for academic purposes + major subjects):

Preparation for Undergraduate studies Preparation for Postgraduate studies

in Humanities in Economics in Science in Medicine in Engineering

2. Russian language courses: During academic year Summer courses

Full-time Part-time

Courses dates: from _____(day)____________(month)_____(year) to ____(day)___________(month)______(year)

Information for visa support

Citizenship __________________________________________(if more than one, please indicate them using comas)

Place of birth ____________________________(country)___________________________________________(city)

Permanently I live in ________________________________(country)______________________________(region)

Passport number _____________________________Date of issue: _____(day)______________(month)_____(year)

Valid until: ______(day)______________(month)_____(year)

Russian Embassy/Consulate where you wish to obtain your visa: __________________________________(country)

_________________________________(city) Please indicate only countries and cities that have Russian Consulates

Proposed date of arrival to Moscow: _________(day)____________________(month)_________(year)

Please, send the invitation letter to the named above mailing address.

Additional inflormation: _______________________________________________________________________


I declare that all the answers to this application are complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge including the information on my academic background. I have been informed on the regulations of admittance to the University and on the tuition fee. I am prepared to timely cover the expenses of studying and living in Russian Federation. I am warned that failure to report all the complete and accurate information will invalidate my application and my result in invalidity of a degree obtained if admitted.

Date: ____ (day)_________________(month)__________(year) Signature ________________________________




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