England worksheet A

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England worksheet A

Exercise 1
Fill the gaps by choosing the correct word from the box below. There are fifteen words but only twelve gaps.
















England is the (1) _________ of the four countries in the United Kingdom (or Britain, as it is usually referred to). The other three, in order of size, are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Britain is the 79th-largest country in the world, and England covers just over (2) _________ of the total area of Britain.

England is separated from France, to the south, by an area of (3) _________ called the English Channel (or La Manche in French). On clear days it is possible to see the French coast from some parts of the English coast. The Channel Tunnel, a railway tunnel built
(4) _________ the English Channel, opened in 1994.

England gets its (5) _________ from the Angles, one of the Anglo-Saxon tribes that settled in Britain in the fifth and sixth centuries. Many parts of the modern English language come from the languages spoken by these Anglo-Saxon tribes.

The patron saint of England is St George, and the country’s national (6) _________,
St George’s Day, is April 23rd. The national flag of England, the ‘flag of St George’, is a red cross on a white background: the well-known blue, white and red ‘Union flag’ is the flag of Britain, not England.

The most popular team sports in England, both for playing and watching, are football, rugby and cricket. The rules for all three were invented in England, as were the rules of
(7) _________. The (8) _________ professional football teams in England play in the Premier League, which is shown on TV in countries all over the world.

England has a mild climate, without extreme heat or cold. Most of the country gets at least a few days of (9) _________ in winter, but temperatures usually stay above freezing (zero degrees centigrade). In summer the temperature in the south of England, the warmest part of Britain, rarely rises (10) _________ 30 degrees and is usually below 25 degrees.

The largest wild animal in England is the red deer. A large male red deer can weigh over 150 (11) _________. Adult red deer are over one metre high at the (12) _________ (not counting the neck, head or, in the case of the males, the large antlers).

England worksheet B

Exercise 2
Can you match the numbers in the first column of the table with the items in the second column?


The area of England (in square kilometres).



The population of England.



The number of colours on the English flag.



The distance from the middle of the south coast of England to the border with Scotland, going north in a straight line (in kilometres).



The average maximum temperature in London in the middle of summer (in degrees centigrade).



The maximum life expectancy (in years) of a red deer.



The distance between England and France, in a straight line, at the narrowest part of the English Channel (in kilometres).



The year that the world’s first tennis club was formed in England.



The number of football teams in the English Premier League.



The number of times England could fit inside the United States.



The number of people in England who were killed by red deer in 2009.



The average minimum temperature in London in the middle of winter (in degrees centigrade).


England worksheet C

Exercise 3

Decide if the following statements are true or false, then bet a minimum of 10 points up to a maximum of 50 on your choice.



Points bet

Points lost

Points won


Red deer usually eat small wild animals such as mice, but occasionally they attack and eat dogs and cats.


More than half of the population of Britain lives in England.


Nobody has ever swum from England to France across the English Channel.


It is possible to drive in a car all the way through the Channel Tunnel between England and France.


By law, every village, town and city in England has to have some kind of St George’s Day celebration on or near April 23rd.


More than half of the players in the English Premier League are from other countries.


There is no English team in the Olympic Games: instead, athletes from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland join together in a British team.


The highest summer temperature ever recorded in England is 48 degrees centigrade.


London, the capital of England, gets more rain per year than any other capital city in Europe.


‘Book’ and ‘house’ are two modern English words that come from the ‘Old English’ of the Anglo-Saxon tribes.

Total points lost and won

Final total (subtract total points lost from total points won)

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