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Video Guide (Anwer Key)

1. At age 4, what did the phrenologist predict about Mr. Kroc?

He’d go into the food service industry.

2. Instead of studying, what did Mr. Kroc do as a teenager?

He thought of ways to make money.

3. What excuse did Mr. Kroc use to quit school? What did he do after he quit school?

World War II; He joined the military

4. Mr. Kroc understood the power of a good first i_______________.


5. What type of client made Mr. Kroc a top salesman in his field?

Soda fountain

6. A soda fountain was a place that people could go for a quick snack. Mr. Kroc convinced owners that they could sell a product "to _____."


7. Mr. Kroc spent countless hours working with his clients to determine what

w_______________ and what didn't.


8. After selling paper cups, Mr. Kroc took a job as a m_______________ salesman.


9. Why did Mr. Kroc fly to California to meet the McDonald's brothers?

He wanted to figure out how the McDonald brothers could sell so many shakes

10. After World War II, people wanted _______________ in getting what they



11. When the McDonald's brothers opened their hamburger stand, they cut their

menu items from 25 to _____ and switched from carhops to s__________-


Nine; Self Service

12. Fast food is considered the greatest revolution in the _______________



13. With the concept of "fast food," the McDonald's brothers were able to cut their

customers' waiting time from _____ minutes to _____ seconds.

20 minutes to 30 seconds

14. Mr. Kroc became involved with the McDonald's brothers because they did not want to expand their business. The McDonald's brothers gave Mr. Kroc exclusive rights to do what?

The McDonald’s method of doing business

15. When Mr. Kroc began franchising McDonald's, he received 1.9 percent of each restaurant's gross operating sales. How much was Mr. Kroc required to give the McDonald's brothers? Did Mr. Kroc make a profit?

50 percent; No

In an effort to break even, Mr. Kroc changed his franchise licensing. Franchises could either rent the land or pay a percentage of their sales, whichever was more.

16. Mr. Kroc's goal was to open how many restaurants?

1,000 from coast to coast

17. Mr. Kroc developed a 75-page m_______________ outlining McDonald's

operations, which he provided to franchise operators.


18. Mr. Kroc was successful because he had what?

A formula

19. In 1961 Mr. Kroc opened a training center outside of Chicago that eventually became known as what?

Hamburger University

20. Mr. Kroc eventually bought out the McDonald's brothers? How much did he have to pay them? (People thought he was crazy.)

$2.7 million

21. Who has the biggest voice when it comes to feeding a family?


22. Who was the first Ronald McDonald?

Willard Scott

23. Mr. Kroc knew that image was crucial to success.


24. Mr. Kroc made a large reelection contribution to Richard Nixon's campaign. What was he accused of trying to influence?

The minimum wage bill

25. Why did Mr. Kroc berate the Padres during their losing streak?

He believed that people deserved value when they came to a game.

26. How much was Mr. Kroc worth when he died?

$500 million

27. One in _____ Americans has worked at McDonald's.



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