Air one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public

НазваниеAir one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public
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had better

- should do something

I`d better go now or I`ll be late for class.

hair stand on end

- become frightened or afraid of something

My hair stood on end when I saw the aftermath of the automobile accident.

hale and hearty

- in very good health, well and strong

My uncle is a hale and hearty fellow who never gets sick.


- foolish

I didn`t really like his half-baked idea about the new delivery system.

half the battle

- a large part of the work

Sending the letters out will be half the battle. We can finish the rest of the work next week.

hammer out

- remove, work out by discussion and debate

The union and managers were able to hammer out an agreement before midnight last night.

hand down

- arrange to give something to someone after your death

My grandmother handed down her silver jewellery to my mother.

hand in

- give to someone, hand to someone

I went to the company early to hand in my job application.

hand it to (someone)

- give credit or praise to someone

You have to hand it to him - he worked hard and was very successful with his business.

handle with kid gloves

- be very careful handling someone or something

He is very sensitive so you have to handle him with kid gloves when you speak to him.


- something given away after another person doesn`t need it (especially clothing)

She was very poor when she was a child and always wore hand-me-down clothing.

hand out

- give things of the same kind to several people

The teacher decided not to hand out the tests until everyone in the class stopped talking.


- a gift - usually from the government

The government stopped giving hand-outs to the university students as they said they had no money.


- sheet of paper given to students or people who attend a meeting etc.

Everyone at the meeting was given a hand-out on how to save and invest money.

hand over

- give control or possession to someone, give something to another person

The criminals were forced to hand over the stolen money to the police.

hand over fist

- rapidly

His new company is making money hand over fist.

(one`s) hands are tied

- unable to help

I`m sorry that I can`t help you with the job but my hands are tied at the moment.

hands down

- easy, unopposed

They won the game hands down over the other team.

hands off

- leave alone, don`t interfere

The government decided to take a hands-off approach to the teachers during the strike.

hand something to someone on a silver platter

- give a person something that has not been earned

He was handed a great job on a silver platter and never had to make any effort at all.

hand to mouth

- having only enough money for basic living

He was living a hand to mouth existence until he was finally able to find a job.

handwriting on the wall

- a sign that something bad will happen

The handwriting is on the wall. Business conditions are bad so probably nobody will get a pay raise this year.


- can easily fix things

He is very handy around the house and is always fixing or building something.

hang around

- pass time or stay someplace without any real purpose or aim

We decided to stay home and hang around on Sunday rather than go out to the game.

hang back

- stay some distance behind or away, hesitate or be unwilling to do something

He lacks self-confidence and always hangs back when his boss asks for volunteers.

hang by a thread

- be in doubt, depend on a very small thing

The outcome of the election hung by a thread until the last two or three hours.

hang in the balance

- have two equally possible results, be uncertain

After the opposition party won the election whether or not the new highway will be built hangs in the balance.

hang in (there)

- persevere, don`t give up

You should hang in there and don`t quit your job just because you don`t like the supervisor.

Hang it!

- a rather old expression used to express annoyance or disappointment

"Hang it", he said when he hit his finger with the hammer.

hang on

- continue

Although business was very bad he decided to hang on and fight to keep his business going.

hang on

- wait, continue listening on the telephone

Hang on for a minute while I go and get some paper and a pen.

hang one on

- get very drunk

He really hung one on last night after he heard about his promotion.

hang on to

- hold tightly, keep firmly

Please hang on to your hats or the strong wind will blow them off.

hang out

- spend one`s time idly or lounging about, spend time with someone or a group of people

Recently his brother has been hanging out with a group of people who are not a good influence on him.

hang out one`s shingle

- notify the public of the opening of an office - especially a doctor`s or lawyer`s office

He has decided to hang out his own shingle now that he has graduated from law school.

hang up

- place on a hook, peg or hangar

Everyone was forced to hang up their jackets before they entered the room.

hang up

- place a telephone receiver back on the telephone and break the connection

After he hung up the telephone he left to go to work.


- a delay in some process

There was a hang-up in the construction of the office tower because of the fire.


- an inhibition, a neurotic reaction to some life situation

She has a serious hang-up about the dark and is afraid to go out alone at night.

happy hour

- a time in bars or restaurants when drinks are served at a discount

We stopped at the restaurant during happy hour and had a couple of drinks.

hard and fast rule

- rules that cannot be altered to fit special cases

There is no hard and fast rule that says you can`t use a cellular phone in the train.

hard as nails

- physically very fit and strong, rough, stern

He is as hard as nails and is not a good person to have an argument with.

hard feelings

- anger or bitterness

I don`t have any hard feelings toward him even though he fired me.


- not weak or soft, stubborn - especially in a fight, contest or negotiations

The company had a hard-nosed attitude while bargaining with the union.

hard nut to crack

- a person or thing not easily understood or influenced

He is a hard nut to crack and is not close to many people.

hard on (someone/something)

- treat something/someone roughly

His son is very hard on shoes.

hard pressed

- burdened with urgent business

I am a little hard pressed for time. Can we meet later?

hard sell

- selling something very aggressively and with great eagerness

I didn`t like their hard sell attitude at the car dealership so I went to another dealer.

hard up

- short of money

I am hard up for money at the moment so I can`t go to the movie.

harp on

- talk repeatedly and tediously about something

He has been harping on his lack of money for a few months now.


- bothersome

It is a real hassle to have to report to him two times a day.

hatchet man

- a politician etc. whose job it is to say negative things about the opposition, a person in a company who must fire extra workers or cut other expenses etc.

He is acting as a hatchet man for the leader but I don`t think that he really believes what he is saying.

hate one`s guts

- feel very strong dislike for someone

I absolutely hate her guts after she caused me so many problems at my company.

have a ball

- have a good time

She had a ball at the party last night.

have a crush on

- be attracted to someone

Her sister has had a crush on him for a long time.

have a fit

- become upset

She had a fit when she saw what her son did to the car.

have a go at

- try something especially after others have tried it

I decided to have a go at applying for the job after my boss recommended me.

have a hand in

- be partly responsible for something

I think that she had a hand in getting her friend fired from her job.

have a head on one`s shoulders

- be smart or sensible

That new salesman really has a head on his shoulders.

have an edge on

- have an advantage (over someone)

Their team has an edge on the race to win the high school football championship.

have an eye for

- have good taste in something, be able to judge correctly

She has an eye for nice furniture and her apartment is absolutely beautiful.

(not) have anything to do with someone

- (not) want to be a friend of or work or have business with someone

My father will not have anything to do with the salesman because he sold him the faulty car.

have a screw loose

- act in a strange way, be foolish

He is a really strange person. I think that he has a screw loose somewhere.

have a time

- have trouble, have a hard time

She really had a time last night when her car stopped working completely

have a time

- have a good time, have fun

We really had a time at the party last night.

have a way with

- be able to lead, persuade or influence others

The little girl really has a way with horses. They are very gentle when she is around.

have a word with

- converse briefly

I will have a word with him before he goes home tonight.

have been around

- have been to many places and done many things, be experienced

My brother has really been around and has been overseas many times.

have dibs on

- demand a share of something or be in line to use something

I have dibs on the computer and would like to use it as soon as possible.

have egg on one`s face

- be embarrassed

He really has egg on his face after finding out about his mistake.

have eyes only for

- give all one`s attention to, be interested only in

She has eyes only for her boyfriend.

have half a mind

- feel tempted or inclined to do something

I have half a mind to go and offer my resignation to the president.

have had it (with someone or something)

- can`t tolerate anymore

I have really had it with her constant complaining.

have in mind

- intend, plan

What do you have in mind for your wife`s birthday?

have it

- hear or get news, understand

I have it that the new president will be coming to see us next week.

have it

- claim, say

Rumor has it that three of the supervisors will be leaving next week.

have it

- allow (usually used with will or would)

We wanted to have a party at our office next month but our boss won`t have it.

have it

- get or find the answer

I think I finally have it. The reason she is leaving is because she is going to have a baby.

have it both ways

- do two things, have both things

You can`t have it both ways. You must choose one or the other.

have it coming

- deserve a punishment

He really has it coming to him after causing the problems in the company.

have it in for someone

- show ill will or dislike a person

I have been having problems at work recently because I think that the new supervisor has it in for me.

have it made

- be successful, have everything

He really has it made with his new job.

have it out with someone

- settle or discuss something with someone angrily

I had it out with her yesterday over the problem with the money.

have on

- be wearing something

What did she have on when you last saw her?

have one`s ass in a sling

- be in an uncomfortable predicament, be at a disadvantage

He really has his ass in a sling now that he has quit his job and can`t find another one.

have one`s eye on

- have a wish for something, have as an aim, look or think about something

I want to buy a nice present for my girlfriend so I have my eye on a nice dress that I saw at the department store last week.

have one`s feet on the ground

- be practical or sensible

The new sales manager really has his feet on the ground.

have one`s heart set on something

- want something very much

The child has his heart set on getting a new bicycle for his birthday.

have over

- invite someone to your house

We will have you over when we settle into our new house.

have rocks in one`s head

- be stupid, not have good judgement

She really has rocks in her head. She should never have bought that old car.

have (something) going for one

- have ability, talent or good looks

She has a lot going for her and I am sure that she will get the new job.

have something on someone

- have information or proof that someone did sometning wrong

I think that the police have something on him and that is why he wants to quit his job.

have something on the ball

- be smart, clever, skilled

She really has a lot on the ball. She should do well in whatever she chooses to do.

have something up one`s sleeve

- something kept secretly ready for the right time

I`m not too worried about the meeting as I have something up my sleeve if they try to cause any more problems.
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