Air one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public

НазваниеAir one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public
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- directly

I learned the news from him firsthand.


- new, shown for the first time

There are a lot of first-run movies that I haven`t had time to see yet.

fish for

- try to get or to find out (something) by hinting at it

She is always fishing for compliments when I see her at work.

fish out of water

- someone who does not fit in

He was like a fish out of water at the expensive restaurant.

(be) fishy

- strange and suspicious

Something is fishy with his excuse. Why did he take the day before the holiday off work?

fit as a fiddle

- in good athletic condition or health

Her grandfather is 92 years old but he is as fit as a fiddle.

fit like a glove

- fit perfectly

The new pair of jeans that he bought fit like a glove.

fit to be tied

- very angry or upset

He was fit to be tied when he heard that I was going to take a month off work in the summer.

fix someone up with someone

- help someone get a date by arranging a meeting for the two

I tried to fix my sister up with a date with my friend but she refused me.

fizzle out

- fail after a good start, end in failure

The party began to fizzle out about midnight when many people went home.

flare up

- become suddenly angry, begin again suddenly

The fighting flared up again after the United Nations soldiers left the town.

flash in the pan

- something that makes a showy start and then fails

His sports career was a flash in the pan. Recently I haven`t heard of him at all.

flat broke

- have no money

I have been flat broke since I stopped working last month.


- without hiding anything, plainly, openly

I told her flat-out that I would not go with her to the party.

flea in one`s ear

- an annoying hint, an idea or answer that is not welcome

I put a flea in his ear regarding the proposal deadline that he had missed.

flea market

- a place where antiques or secondhand things are sold

We went to a flea market last Saturday to try and buy some dishes.

flesh and blood

- a close relative

She is my own flesh and blood so of course I felt terrible when she got into trouble.

flip one`s lid

- become very excited, lose one`s temper

He really flipped his lid when I told him about the huge telephone bill.

flip out

- go insane, go out of one`s mind, become very angry

She flipped out when she heard that I had sold her car.

fly by the seat of one`s pants

- do a job instinctively rather than by using concrete information

I had to fly by the seat of my pants when the supervisor left me alone for a week.

flying high

- very happy, joyful

She has been flying high since she heard that she had won a new car.

fly in the ointment

- a small thing that spoils enjoyment

The problem with the music was a fly in the ointment at the party.

fly off the handle

- become angry

He really flew off the handle when he saw the bill for the meal.


- unreliable (business)

That new company is a real fly-by-night operation.

foam at the mouth

- be very angry (like a mad dog)

He was foaming at the mouth when I told him that I had had an accident with his car.

follow in one`s footsteps (tracks)

- follow someone`s example, follow someone exactly

He is following in his father`s footsteps and has decided to work for a bank.

follow suit

- do as someone else has done, follow someone`s example, play a card of the same color and kind that another has put down

He followed suit and began to leave work early on Friday just as his boss was doing.

follow through

- continue or finish an action that one has started

He said that he would help me paint my house but he has never followed through with his offer.

follow up

- make (one action) more successful by doing something more

He followed up his phone call in the morning with a visit in the afternoon.

foot in the door

- an opening or opportunity

I finally got a foot in the door when they accepted my application.

food for thought

- something worth thinking about

I don`t really agree with his proposal but at least it is food for thought.

fool around

- spend time playing rather than working, waste time

If he would spend less time fooling around he would be able to get some work done.

foot the bill

- pay

The company will foot the bill for his move to Chicago.

for all

- in spite of, even with

For all the time that he spends studying his marks are still very low.

for all one is worth

- as hard as one can

I will try for all I am worth to help you get the job at the supermarket.

for all the world

- for anything, for any price

For all the world I do not know what he is trying to tell me with the notes that he writes.

for a song

- for very little money

He was able to buy his new car for a song.

for better or worse

- depending on how one looks at the matter, with good or bad effects

For better or worse he has decided to quit his job and go to live in Brazil.

force one`s hand

- make someone do something sooner than planned

I forced his hand and he told me what he planned to do about the new contract for our company.

for certain

- without doubt, certainly, surely

It is for certain that he will not be playing in the game tonight.

for crying out loud

- used to show that you are surprised or angry

For crying out loud please turn your radio down a little.

for dear life

- as though afraid of losing one`s life

The mountain climber held on to the rock for dear life as he waited for someone to rescue him.

forever and a day

- forever, always

It took forever and a day to get the book that we ordered from the bookstore.

for good

- permanently

He has decided to move to Los Angeles for good.

for keeps

- for always, forever

He told the boy that he could have the baseball bat for keeps.

fork out

- pay, pay out

I had to fork out a lot of money to fix my car.

fork over

- hand over, give

The robber told me to fork over my money or he was going to shoot me.

for love or money

- by any means

We were unable to get him to agree to the proposal for love or money.

for once

- one time

For once he listened to what I said. Usually he ignores me.

for sure

- without doubt, certainly, surely

I will go to the movie with you for sure next week.

for that matter

- about that, with regard to that

I don`t want to go shopping with you and for that matter I don`t want to go anywhere with you.

for the asking

- by asking, on request

You can get a free ticket to the concert for the asking from the front office.

for the birds

- uninteresting, something you don`t like

Doing the cleaning all day is really for the birds.

for the time being

- for now, for awhile

We really need a new car but for the time being we`ll have to continue using the old one.

for the world

- under any conditions

I would not want to sell my car for the world.

foul up

- ruin or spoil by stupid mistake, go wrong

There was a problem with our tickets so our plans were all fouled up.

frame of mind (good or bad)

- one`s mental state

He made sure his boss was in a good frame of mind before he asked him for the time off.

freak/freak out

- become angry or lose control of oneself

I freaked out when I discovered that my reservations had not been made.

free and easy

- informal

He has a free and easy attitude about his work.

free hand

- great freedom to do something

We had a free hand in designing the new sport`s program for the university.


- accept food and housing at someone else`s expense

He was angry at his brother because he was always freeloading and never worried about finding a job.

freeze out

- keep from a share in something by unfriendly or dishonest treatment

They froze him out of the profits that they made on the sale of land.

from hand to hand

- from one person to another and another

The plate of food went from hand to hand until finally it was all finished.

from A to Z

- know everything about something

He knows about cars from A to Z.

from the bottom of one`s heart

- with great feeling, sincerely

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart for helping my daughter when she was sick.

from the heart

- sincerely, honestly

He gave her some flowers with a message straight from his heart.

from now on

- from this moment forward

From now on I will study Italian every day.

from scratch

- from the very beginning

He decided to build the house from scratch.

from time to time

- occasionally

We go to that restaurant from time to time.

from way back

- since a long time ago, for a long time

I know him from way back. In fact we went to elementary school together.


- complete, having everything that is needed to be something

She became a full-fledged nurse before she went to Saudi Arabia to work for a year.

full of beans

- in high spirits, energetic

She seems to be full of beans today. She must be excited about something.

fun and games

- a very difficult task (used ironically)

It was all fun and games today when I wrote my two final exams.

funny bone

- the place at the back of the elbow that tingles when hit

I hit my funny bone and it still hurts a little.


gain ground

- go forward, make progress

The toy company has been gaining ground in their effort to sell more products.

gang up on someone

- attack in a group, get together to hurt someone

The school children tried to gang up on the boy but he ran away.

gas up

- fill up a gas tank

We should gas up tonight before we leave on our holiday tomorrow.

gee whiz

- used as an exclamation to show surprise or other strong feelings

Gee whiz! Are we really going to go to go to Disneyland for our holiday?

get a break

- get an opportunity or good deal

I got a break when he sold the car for less than it was worth.

get across

- explain, make something understood

I had a hard time trying to get across to him the importance of taking care of his computer discs.

get a fix on something

- receive a reading of a distant object by electronic means

We were able to get a fix on the island and got the boat safely to the harbor.

get a grip of oneself

- take control of one`s feelings

He finally got a grip of himself and calmed down.

get after someone

- urge or make someone do something he should do but has neglected

I`ll get after him to fix the computer as soon as he returns.

get ahead

- advance or be successful

She really works hard at her job in order to get ahead.

get a kick out of

- enjoy

I think that my father got a kick out of seeing his old school friend.

get a load of

- take a good look at, see something

Get a load of that man over there with the four big dogs.

get along

- manage

He is able to get along on very little money.

get along

- leave

It`s late so I must be getting along now.

get along with someone

- have a good relationship with someone

I don`t get along very well with the new woman I work with.

get a move on

- hurry up

Please get a move on. We are already over three hours late.

get a rise out of someone

- tease, have fun with someone by making him or her angry

We really got a rise out of the teacher when we left the windows open while it was raining.

get around

- go to different places, move about

He really gets around. He has been to almost every state in the United States.

get around to

- finally find time to do something

The apartment manager finally got around to fixing the bath.

get at

- mean

I really don`t know what he was trying to get at during the meeting.

get away

- succeed in leaving, escape

I was able to get away early from work today so I went shopping for awhile.

get away from it all

- go on a holiday

We want to get away from it all this summer and go and relax somewhere.

get away with murder

- do something very bad without being caught or punished

The child was able to get away with murder while the substitute teacher was at the school.

get away with something

- do something one shouldn`t and not get caught at it

The criminal got away with the robbery and was never caught.

get a wiggle on

- hurry up, get going

Get a wiggle on. We have to arrive at the party before the other guests arrive.

get a word in

- find a chance to say something when others are talking

The customer couldn`t get a word in while talking to the salesman so he decided to go to another company.
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