Air one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public

НазваниеAir one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public
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early bird catches the worm

- a person who gets up early in the morning has the best chance of success

He always goes to work before his colleagues because he knows that the early bird catches the worm.

(keep/have one`s) ear to the ground

- pay attention to the way things are going or the way people feel and think

He always has his ear to the ground and knows everything that is going on in our company.

ease off

- reduce in severity or pressure, relax

The president was asked to ease off on his efforts to save money in the company.

easy come, easy go

- something that you get easily can be lost easily

He doesn`t care if he loses his job or not. For him everything is easy come, easy go.

easy does it

- do something without sudden movements or too fast

"Easy does it" he said as he helped to move the large piano.


- tolerant and relaxed

He has a very easy-going management style.

eat away

- rot, erode, destroy

The mildew has been eating away at the window frame all summer.

eat crow

- admit one is mistaken or defeated

He was forced to eat crow when the figures that he gave us at the meeting were all wrong.

eat dirt

- accept another`s insult or bad treatment, act humble

He made the senior manager eat dirt as revenge for his bad treatment in the past.

eat one`s heart out

- suffer greatly from longing

You can eat your heart out. I`m going to Hawaii for three weeks!

eat humble pie

- admit one`s error and apologize

He had to eat humble pie in front of his friends when they discovered his mistake.

(be) eating someone

- bothering or worrying someone

I don`t know what is eating her but she doesn`t seem to be in a good mood today.

eat like a bird

- eat very little

He eats like a bird. That`s why he can`t put on enough weight to join the football team.

eat like a horse

- eat a lot

He eats like a horse but he never puts on any weight.

eat one`s cake and have it too

- use or spend something and still keep it

He always wants to eat his cake and have it too and is never prepared to sacrifice anything.

eat one`s words

- admit being wrong in something one has said, retract one`s statement

He was forced to eat his words after his boss proved that he was wrong.

eat out

- eat in a restaurant

He eats out three or four times a week.

egg (someone) on

- urge or push someone to do something

He is always egging his friend on when he is angry which makes him even angrier.

eke out

- earn with difficulty

He was unable to eke out a living on the farm so he sold it.

elbow grease

- effort and strength to clean something

We`ll have to use a lot of elbow grease to get the kitchen cleaned.

elbow room

- space (enough to be comfortable)

They moved to the country in order to have a little more elbow room.

end in itself

- a purpose or goal one wants for itself alone and not as a way to something else

For some people travelling is an end in itself and the destination is not important.

(at the) end of one`s rope

- the last of one`s ability or ideas about how to proceed or do something

He is at the end of his rope regarding what to do about his


end up

- finish, finally do something

We ended up going to the restaurant after the movie last night.

even so

- nevertheless, however

He always works hard but even so he has no money saved.

every dog has his day

- everyone will have his chance or turn, everyone will get what he deserves

You should be patient and wait until you get a chance. Remember every dog has his day.

every other

- alternate, every second one

She has to work every other Saturday evening.

every so often

- occasionally

You should walk around every so often when you are on a long plane trip.

every Tom, Dick and Harry

- the average person

He said he is not the same as every Tom, Dick and Harry.

eyes are bigger than one`s stomach

- one wants more food than one can eat

His eyes are bigger than his stomach. He will never finish all of the food that he took.

eyes in the back of one`s head

- ability to know what is happening behind one`s back

He has eyes in the back of his head and you can never borrow anything without him knowing about it.

eyes pop out

- much surprised

Her eyes popped out when she saw her name in the newspaper.


face down

- confront boldly and win, defy

They decided to face down their competitors and were able to easily stay in business.

face the music

- accept the consequences of something

He is going to have to face the music sooner or later.

face up to

- accept something that is not easy to accept

You must face up to the fact that you are never going to have enough money to buy that car.

face value

- value or price printed on a stamp/bond/paper money etc.

He gave me the face value that was printed on the used stamps.

face value

- seeming value or truth of something

He is a nice person but you must always take at face value what he says.

facts of life

- what one should know about sex, marriage and birth

He seems to be a little too young to know about the facts of life.

fair and square

- honestly, just, straightforward

The British team won the game fair and square but still the other team complained.

fair game

- a likely object of aggressive interest

The company is fair game as a takeover target by other international companies.

fair play

- justice, equal and right action

He believes in fair play and is a wonderful person to have on our team.

fair shake

- honest treatment

She was not given a fair shake at the inquiry into her behavior.

fair-weather friend

- a person who is a friend only when one is successful

He is a fair-weather friend only and you can`t rely on him if you have a problem.

fall apart

- become to not work properly

The equipment fell apart about six months after I bought it.

fall back

- move back, go back

The runner fell back from the rest of the runners when the race was half over.

fall back on something/someone

- turn to for help when something else has failed

She had to fall back on her father`s money when her business had problems.

fall behind

- fail to keep up with work or studies or payments etc.

He fell behind with his homework at the beginning of the term and had problems throughout the year.

fall by the wayside

- give up or fail before the finish

He had a good chance of winning the competition but he fell by the wayside near the end.

fall flat

- be unsuccessful, fail

I think that my attempt at humor fell flat and now she doesn`t like me.

fall for

- begin to like very much, begin to love

He fell for the woman at the bank but he is afraid to ask her for a date.

fall from grace

- lose approval

The politician fell from grace with the public over the money scandal.


- argument, disagreement, quarrel

We had a falling-out during our holiday and we haven`t spoken since.

fall in love with

- begin to love someone

I fell in love with her the first time that I saw her at the restaurant.

fall into line

- go and stand properly in a row (like soldiers)

The students were forced to fall into line as they waited for the doors to open.

fall in with

- become associated with a bad group of people

He fell in with a bad group of friends and began to get lower marks.

fall off

- decrease

The number of tourists to visit the island has fallen off recently.

fall off the wagon

- return to the consumption of alcohol or drugs after stopping for awhile

He fell off the wagon after he stopped drinking for three years.

fall on

- meet (troubles)

The town had fallen on hard times before the new computer company moved to town and created many jobs.

fall out of use

- be no longer used

That kind of stereo system has fallen out of use over the last 20 years.

fall over oneself

- be extremely eager to do something or please someone

They fell over themselves in their effort to please their host.

fall short (of one`s expectations)

- not be as good as you expected, not succeed

The new movie fell short of everyone`s expectations and attendance is very low.

fall through

- fail, not happen

My plan to go abroad fell through when my father refused to lend me some money.

far and wide

- everywhere, in all directions

We looked far and wide for the book but could not find it.

far cry

- something very different

What he said to my friend is a far cry from what he told me over the telephone.

farm out

- have someone else do something, send away

We farmed out all of the printing to another company in order to save money.

fast buck

- money earned quickly and easily

He is always trying to make a fast buck without really trying to work very hard.

fast talker

- con artist, clever talker who convinces others easily

He is a fast talker so you should be careful not to believe everything that he says.

fat chance

- little or no possibility, almost no chance

Fat chance that he will let me use his car. He never lets me borrow anything.

(live off the) fat of the land

- have the best of everything, especially without having to work for it

He plans to move to the mountains and try and live off the fat of the land.

favorite son

- a candidate supported by his home state for President etc.

We voted for him because he is the favorite son of our state.

feather in one`s cap

- something you achieve and are proud of

Winning the new contract was a real feather in his cap.

feather one`s nest

- look after one`s own interest (while holding public office or a trusted job etc.)

The mayor has been feathering his nest for many years and is now very rich.

fed up with

- disgusted or bored with someone or something

I think that he is getting fed up with the constant demands of his boss.

feed someone a line

- deceive

He was feeding me a line about his plans to open a new restaurant downtown.

feel like a million dollars

- feel wonderful

I feel like a million dollars today so I think that I will go for a walk.

feel out

- talk or act carefully with someone and find out what he thinks

I will try and feel out my boss this weekend and see what he thinks of my chance of promotion.

feel sorry for

- pity

I feel sorry for him after losing his job.

feel up to (do something)

- feel able (healthy enough or rested enough) to do something

I don`t feel up to going to the game.

feet on the ground

- sensible ideas

He is a good family man and always has his feet on the ground.

few and far between

- not many, rare, few and scattered

The gas stations were few and far between on the highway through the mountains.

fiddle around

- tinker, do something in an unplanned way

I tried fiddling around with the computer printer for awhile but it still won`t work.


- equally, evenly

We divided the cost of the trip fifty-fifty.

fight tooth and nail

- fight fiercely or with all one`s might

He is fighting tooth and nail to get a transfer to another department.

figure on

- depend on, be sure about

You can figure on about 30 people coming to the party next week.

figure out

- try to understand or solve

He finally figured out how to use the new video recorder.

fill (someone) in

- tell someone the details

I will fill you in later about our plans for the weekend.

fill (something) in

- write words needed in blanks

Please fill in this form and give it to the receptionist.

fill one`s shoes

- substitute satisfactorily for

Although he is a good supervisor he is unable to fill the shoes of those who came before him.

fill out

- write down the facts that are asked for (in a report etc.)

We were asked to fill out the forms before we could have an interview for the job.

fill the bill

- be suitable for what is required

I think that the new equipment should fill the bill for us.

find fault with

- criticize

He is always finding fault with everything that I do.

find out

- learn, discover

She is angry at me because she found out that I quit the night class.

(go over with a) fine-toothed comb

- very carefully

We went over the apartment with a fine-toothed comb but couldn`t find her watch.

finger in the pie

- part ownership or responsibility

He has his finger in the pie of all the small companies in the area.

first come, first served

- the person who comes will have his turn first

"First come, first served" she called as she put the food on the table.
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