Air one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public

НазваниеAir one`s dirty laundry (linen) in public
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work out

- end successfully, be efficient

I hope that everything will work out for her when she moves to London next week.

work out

- solve, find an answer to

I was unable to work out the math problem on the final examination.

work out

- accomplish, arrange, plan

Recently we worked out a unique system for filling out our expenses at work.

work out

- exercise

He spends most weekends working out at the health club.

work over

- beat someone up very roughly in order to intimidate them or get money

The gang worked over the storeowner in order to get some money from him.

work up

- stir up, arouse, excite

He really likes to work up a sweat when he does his exercises.

world is one`s oyster

- everything is possible for one, one can get anything

The world is her oyster now that she has received her MBA from Harvard University.

worse for wear

- not as good as new, worn out

I borrowed my friend`s canoe for a month and it is now beginning to look the worse for wear.

worth a cent

- worth anything, of any value

His new car is broken down and not worth a cent.

worth one`s salt

- worth what one is paid

He is definitely worth his salt in our company and is one of our best employees.

would just as soon

- prefer to do one thing rather than another

She would just as soon stay at home as go to the movie.

wrap around one`s finger

- have complete control over someone and be able to make them do anything you want

She has her boss wrapped around her finger and can do anything that she wants.

wrapped up in

- thinking only of, interested only in

He is always wrapped up in playing with his computer.

wrap up

- put on warm clothes, dress warmly

She wrapped herself up in her warm clothes and went out.

write off

- remove (an amount) from a business record, cancel (a debt)

The bank was forced to write off a large amount of its debt.

write off

- accept (a loss or trouble) and not worry any more about it

He was forced to write off his bad experience at his old job.

write up

- write or describe in writing, give a full account of

After our trip to Vietnam I spent a couple of weeks trying to write it up for a magazine.

wrong side of the tracks

- the poor side of town

He married a girl who everyone said was from the wrong side of the tracks because he loved her.



- a lot of talk about little things

We spent the whole evening in a yakety-yak session at my friends.


- operating all year

We usually spend all summer at a year-round resort in California.


- extremely timid, cowardly

He is a yellow-bellied person who is not good to have as a friend.

yellow streak

- cowardice in a person`s character

He has a real yellow streak and will not say anything to defend his friends.


- a person who tries to be liked by agreeing with everything said (especially by a boss)

He is a yes-man who will do anything that his boss asks him to do.

you bet/you bet your boots/you bet your life

- most certainly, yes, without any doubt

You bet your life I will be attending the conference next year.

you don`t say

- used to show surprise at what is said

"You don`t say", he said when he heard about the accident on the highway.

you said it/you can say that again

- used to show strong agreement with what another person has said

"You can say that again," I answered when the woman mentioned how hot it was out in the sun.

you`re telling me

- used to show that a thing is so clear that it need not be said

"This restaurant is very expensive and the food is not so good."
"You`re telling me."

You tell`em

- used to agree with or encourage someone in what they are saying

"You tell`em," I yelled out to the politician who was making the speech.

zero hour

- the exact time when an attack or other military action will start

The air force planes waited until zero hour in order to start out on their bombing mission.

zero hour

- the time when an important decision or change is supposed to come

We waited for zero hour and the time when the new computer system was supposed to begin operating.

zero in on

- adjust a gun so that it will hit a target, aim at

The soldiers zeroed in on the target and began to fire their guns.

zero in on

- give one`s full attention to

We spent the morning zeroing in on the problem of what to do with the excess space in our office.

zonk out

- fall asleep very quickly

As soon as I got home last night I immediately zonked out.

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